Grab your friends, gather your wits and get ready for magic.

Ritual is a strategic tile-laying game of magical dominance for two to five players. In Ritual, you take on the role of a powerful wizard meeting to perform an intricate ritual of magic with other wizards.
Being a wizard, you must take this opportunity to prove once and for all that YOU are the best wizard by having the most influence over the ritual at its completion.

So what are you waiting for? Put your favorite wizarding hat on and get to it!

Ritual is now on Kickstarter! We are excited to announce our very first project. Keep an eye on our Twitter for more updates throughout the Kickstarter.

About DevDiem

DevDiem Studios is a company that makes games, videos and artwork.

Our operating theory is that we can make whatever we want, so long as it's awesome. With that guiding us, DevDiem Studios has begun working with community game stores and gaming groups, along with friends, family and industry professionals to bring to you the best board game we possibly can.

We plan to use Kickstarter as our launch platform. As a group of gamers ourselves, we feel that community support is what truly makes a game great. To that end we believe that crowd-funding is the perfect way to determine if our product is right for the community. Right now it's a board game (and some art in a book).

In the future we want to bring you all the beautiful madness our minds can cook up. In the immortal words of the great Brutusaurus, "Veni. Vidi. Dinosaurum."

The Team

Primo Catalano


Primo Catalano is our Lead Digital Artist and Produttore Esecutivo. He is also our Photographer, Retoucher, Project Director and Manager. No one remind Primo that he's due for a raise.
Nate Bernstein


Writer/Game Designer
Nate Bernstein is our Game Designer and Writer. He creates the initial versions of all of our game rules. He is also the source of most of DevDiem Studios' official snark.
Spencer Benda


Spencer Benda is whatever DevDiem Studios needs him to be. This does not make him a doppleganger. Spencer reminds us of this regularly.
Cody Clark


Art Director/Illustrator
Cody Clark is our Illustrator and Graphic Designer. He likes cats and entropy. Some suspect he is a wizard.

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Questions? Inquiries? Please let us know. If you want to reach us publicly, we are available on Twitter & Tumblr for questions.

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